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Patrick Bruen’s job entails him to be a world traveler, having traveled to over 50+ countries.

Patrick Bruen loves to explore Hong Kong when he can. Hong Kong is considered the cultural hub of Asia because of its vast diversity and multitude of cultural opportunities from all around the world. The culture in Hong Kong is very western compared to everywhere else on the eastern hemisphere. Hong Kong is one of the most densely packed places in the world, but once you get used to the crowds, you can really get a feel of the incredible food and multiple activities that Hong Kong has to offer. Hong Kong has one of the most picturesque skylines with its neon glow and massive architecture. They have a large focus on feng shui, so they take a lot of pride in their architecture and the look of their edifices and interiors. If you want to gain the real cultural Hong Kong experience, one should go to the Aberdeen Fish Market. This is where native Hong Kongers go to shop. Hong Kong is considered to have the best shops in all of Asia. The best places to shop are Admiralty, Causeway Bay, and Sheung Wan.

  • Hong Kong is considered an entertainment hub for its vastly popular martial arts film genre. Go check out a movie or two.
  • Some of Hong Kong’s best cultural activities include the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Academy for Performance Arts, and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • The Subway is their main form of transportation. It is very clean, convenient, and easy to use.
  • Visit one of Hong Kong’s many tea houses (cha chaan tengs) and try one of their carbonated drinks.
  • Buy a suit in Hong Kong. They are very cheap, well made, and worth your time.
  • Go on one of Hong Kong’s patented Evening Harbor Cruises in the Victoria Harbor.
  • Best shopping in Hong Kong are Admiralty, Causeway Bay, and Sheung Wan.
  • Enjoy the food. It is considered some of the best food in the world.

Patrick Bruen & Investex Capital:

As the co-founder at Investex Capital, Patrick’s responsibilities include owning and developing mining and energy assets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. South Africa is one of the world’s top producers in diamonds, as well as one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Patrick plans on visiting South Africa in the near future and he hopes to have some free time to visit some of the spectacular tourist attractions that South Africa has to offer.

Among South Africa’s most popular tourist attractions, Cape Town is close to the top. Cape Town is known for it’s spectacular scenery, majestic beaches, Table mountain, whale watching, shopping, nightlife, relaxing atmosphere, and of course the food and wine. Kruger National Park is also a very popular destination for a walking or driving safari. Even if you just visit Johannesburg aka the “City of Gold,” you are sure to wet your cultural appetite and experience the best that South Africa has to offer.

Patrick Bruen’s company, Investex is located in London, England. While Patrick is not busy at work, he occasionally takes shorter vacations to explore the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has a rich history and fascinating culture unique only to itself. The country has much to offer in the form of royal attractions due to their deep history. The Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Windsor Castle are just some of the popular royal attractions people come from thousands of miles to see.

As one of Europe’s largest cities, London has a variety of activities for tourists and citizens. Aside from some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks, London also has a vast assortment of museums. The best part is that the best museums are free of charge. The Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the National Gallery are just a couple of the most popular museums in London. And they’re free! Hyde park is a wonderful park located in the city where people can get away from the bustling city landscape and enjoy some greenery, beautiful lakes and fountains. If you like shopping, London is known to have some of the best shopping in the world. Regent Street, Oxford Street, and Carnaby Street are filled with stores, small boutiques, restaurants, and anything you need when it comes to retail. The obvious cultural experience when it comes to the cuisine in London is their fish and chips. Sausage and mashed potatoes are also very popular.

Another one of Patrick Bruens next business (with some extra time for leisure) will be to Singapore. Singapore is known for having environmentally friendly tourism attractions because of its natural and heritage conservation programs. Orchard Road is considered the hub of Singapore’s tourism from its beautiful atmosphere and botanical gardens to the multitude of popular shopping areas and entertainment. The Singapore Zoo and adjacent Night Safari, so the world’s first nocturne zoo, are also very popular tourists attractions.

As a part of Investex Capital, Patrick Bruen has business developments in Latin America that he needs to take care of, and Panama is next on that list. Hopefully Patrick Bruen will have time for the numerous sites that Panama has to offer. Aside from visiting one of the greatest feats in engineering history, the Panama Canal, one can find themselves in an array of beautiful islands and beaches. Some of the more notable relaxation spots are Isla Taboga, the Pearl Islands, and the San Blas Islands. Panama is also known for their spectacular aquatic life and diving scenes in places such as Coiba and Bocas del Toro.

This blog will be devoted to Patrick Bruens travels and wonderful tourist information in the cacophony of travel destinations that he is a part of. Some stories will consist of personal travel experiences and others will be useful information on the great activities that so many of these places have to offer.

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