2013 Top Five Tourist Attractions in Ireland

Patrick Bruen Guinness Storehouse in IrelandIndependent.ie reveals Irelands top 10 tourist attractions based purely off of amount of visitors per year. There are two separate lists in the article, one for attractions that charge a fee and another list for attractions that are free of charge.

Starting with the attractions that charge a fee, the number one attraction in all of Ireland is the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin with approximately 1,157,090 visitors in 2013. The entire attraction is a seven story; Guinness-themed building that includes a live view of the brewing process, a history lesson on the beer, and a bar with a beautiful view of Dublin.

The next most popular tourist attraction in Ireland is the popular Dublin Zoo, a 69-acre area focused on the conservation of endangered species and education of the numerous animals it holds. The Dublin Zoo had approximately 1,026,611 visitors in 2013. Third on the list are the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare with 960,134 visitors in 2013. The Cliffs of Moher range from 120 meters above the Atlantic Ocean to 214 meters above the Atlantic Ocean for some spectacular views of the ocean and cliff sides. These majestic cliffs are some of the most spectacular scenery in Ireland.

Next on the list of most popular tourist attractions in Ireland is the National Aquatic Center in Dublin with 858,031 visitors in 2013. It is popular for swimming lessons and has over 4,500 members as a massive swimming arena that has held Olympic training for multiple countries.

Fifth most popular attraction in Ireland is the first most popular free attraction. The National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin comes in fifth place as most popular tourist destinations with 641,572 visitors in 2013. The National Gallery of Ireland holds the Irish national collection of Irish art as well as a wide variety of other European art. Along with notable Irish paintings the gallery is known for holding Italian Baroque and Dutch masters paintings.

These are the top five tourist attractions in Ireland in 2013. This blog post is based off of this article.