2015’s Top European Travel Destinations

Patrick Bruen travel Milan, Italy2015 marks a new year for new experiences and new friends. What better way to live these new experiences than through traveling? European travel is becoming increasingly popular over the years, and certain places have been ramping up their tourism infrastructure to appeal to the 2015 traveler. Below are the top five travel destinations that every experienced traveler should consider in 2015:

1)   Milan, Italy – My, what a sophisticated and lavish city. What makes Milan even more attractive in 2015 is the World Expo running from May to October. This year’s focus at the Expo is food, so it’s bound to be a delicious and culturally invigorating event. The 1.1 million square meter event space will have the allure of a classic Roman city, intensifying the already cultural affair.

2)   Switzerland, Zermatt – One word – Matterhorn. This spectacular mountain makes for an amazing experience for experienced hikers, skiers, and mountaineers. The beautiful resort will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of Edward Whymper and his team being the first to ascend this massive beauty.

Patrick Bruen Salisbury, United Kingdom3)   Valletta, Malta – This architectural masterpiece of a city located off the southern tip of Italy. The contrast between the 17th century architecture and modern architecture is spectacular, and the beautifully laid-out city layout is something else.

4)   Plovdiv, Bulgaria –This spectacularly stunning Old Town in Europe is a historical landmark with a vivacious nightlife and adjacent to the Rhodope Mountains. This city has put a lot of effort into rebuilding old ruins and restoring decapitated buildings in the most recent future. The result has come in the form of multiple five-star restaurants, bars, and hotels all over the city.

5)   Salisbury, United Kingdom – Formally known as a pit-stop on the way to Stonehenge, Salisbury will be celebrating their 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. The home of the celebration will take place at the Salisbury Cathedral. A festival, invigorating exhibition, multiple historical speeches, and much much more.