The UK’s Top 10 Royal Attractions

Patrick Bruen Hampton Court Palace in LondonTo travelers the United Kingdom is known for its exquisite lifestyle and royal attractions. The UK’s official travel website has a list of their top ten royal attractions.

Starting off with number 10, we have the infamous Tower of London. As one of the most famous fortresses in the world; the Tower of London is home to the crown jewels, royal armor, and horrific tales of the execution of Henry VIII two wives; Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.

Next on the list is Edinburgh Castle on top of the extinct volcano on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. This medieval royal Scottish castle is home to the Scottish royal jewels, historical Scottish guns, the stone of destiny and the National War Museum of Scotland.

At number eight, we have the Hampton Court Palace in Richmond, London. This palace was Henry VIII’s favorite home out of all the homes that he owned. He spent most of his time here. The Hampton Court Palace is also home to one of the most beautiful gardens in the UK.

The Place of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh comes in at number seven. This is the residence of the Queen of Scotland and home to spectacular exhibitions from the Royal Collection.

Next, the Sandringham House and Estate in Norfolk is where the Queen spends Christmas with her family. Considered to be “the most comfortable house in England,”  tourist can take a tour of one of the Queens favorite estates from April to November.

The Balmoral Castle & Estate in Aberdeenshire lands in fifth place. This Scottish residence is where the Queen of England and her family spend the summer.

In fourth place, the UK travel site has the very historical Westminster Abbey. Ever since William the Conqueror conquered England in 1066, each Coronation of the English monarch as taken place in Westminster Abbey.

Next we have the Queen’s favorite residence, Windsor Castle. This castle is famous not only because the Queen resides in it, but also because it is the oldest and largest castle in the world with someone living in it.

Coming in second place, we have Kensington Palace. This royal residence has been home to multiple members of the royal family. Some of the more notable names on the list are Queen Victoria, Princess Diana, and currently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Number one on UK’s official royal travel list is of course Buckingham Palace, the official residence to the Queen of England. The Queen opens up the estate to tourist in August and September, giving them a glimpse of pieces from the Royal Collection, the extravagant garden, and State Rooms.

You can visit more about traveling in the UK at their official travel site here.